Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009 - How do I want to spend my remaining time on earth?

. . . . . . . Well it is has been more than awhile since I have written on my Blog or even visited any. That's what a full time job did for me at a doctor's office whose goal was to process 20 patients a day in 20 minute slots. I had little energy for anything else.

It was a stressful job for me and every time I reviewed responsibilities of the job with my boss, the bottom line always seemed to be money. That was a big turn off for me. An ethical turn off. I saw a side to health care I had not seen before - no wonder our health care system is in such a mess in America! ( Has Congress thought about putting a cap on what doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies can charge? If not, why not?) When he added more responsibilities to an already rushed day, I had to ask myself this question, "Do I really want to spend the rest of my life on God's earth doing this?" Some people can handle this type of work load well but I am not one of them. I had to recognize this about myself. And, the answer was clear cut. "No! I think the Lord has other things for me to do that fits who I am." It was a turning point.

So I am re-evaluating how I want to live my life and use the skills God has given me to help others - to make a positive difference while adding some dollars to help with living expenses and give some of it back to the Lord.

I am reflecting over the past seven years since my divorce. . . . all the transitions I have went through with Him by my side every minute. Each one had a purpose, each change was a part of His plan for my life. All the challenges I have overcome with His help and the growth steps I have taken knowing He was in charge of each one. The new found joys I have experienced along the way and discovering how simple things can truly bring so much satisfaction in life. And how TIME is such a great healer - if one is just patient enough:-)

I have re-married now. It is a new beginning of sorts. It is also a time to get settled which I have not done for quite some time. To really settle for awhile and listen for God's voice. Sigh . . . . how I have needed this time and never realized it. Until now.

How does He want me to spend my remaining time on this earth?

Perhaps for some of you readers out there. . . . it is also time for you to do the same. "How do you want to spend your remaining time of earth? " We only live once. Maybe it is time for you to reflect. . . . . to ponder. . . . . . to find your place in this world.