Monday, October 18, 2010

God's Wonderful Provisions

"Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant, and fruit trees with seeds inside the fruit, so that these seeds will reproduce the kinds of plants and fruits they came from.  And so it was, and God was pleased."  Genesis 1:11-12

 I have recently found myself spending more time in the kitchen preserving veggies from the garden.  We have had a late fall - no freezing temps yet - so the produce is still quite tasty, like this bowl full of fresh tomatoes!

Some of the goodies we have enjoyed include sweet corn, tomatoes, red beets, carrots, green beans, cantaloupe, squash and watermelon - either from our garden or those of neighbors. God has been good with His wonderful provisions!

This summer I started a diet to help lose weight and lower my cholesterol. And I am learning how to eat a different way.  A better way.  Do you realize we can eat items that have no food value whatsoever for our bodies?  There are lots of products sitting on shelves in our supermarkets that we buy and eat - that actually are not good for our bodies.

My doctor gave me a wake up call when he said "To work off just one of those chocolates that don't melt in your hand - just one - you would have to run as fast as you can the length of a football field as if your life depended on it."  I don't know if it is factual but he got his point across.  I think twice now before I eat dessert. How many miles should I walk to work off these calories I didn't need or how many minutes do I want to spin on my stationery bike?

I don't think I have ever eaten as many veggies and fruits as I have the past few months.  Now, when I head to the grocery store, I stop at the produce section first - although the bakery is really tempting at times.  My husband especially  loves fruit so this has helped my change in lifestyle.  And I have discovered that they are quite good and filling.  Red, yellow and orange peppers are delightful in salad, blueberries are a nice addition to my oat cereal and I eat an orange each evening. I have a feeling my body is rejoicing!!!

Of course, God knows all this food is good for our bodies - after all, He made us and He made the food.  No preservatives, no added chemicals, a good balanced diet that is not out of a box but right from the earth itself.  But, I also think we can enjoy those sweet treats in moderation.  My husband raises sugar beets so I thought it good to include that last line!

At any rate, I praise and thank the Lord for what He has provided for us.  I think  sometimes we take our nourishment for granted. So, as the harvest continues of God's bountiful supplies, let us all remember. . . . . . .He created certain foods for us so we could live healthier lives.

Not surprising really - just another reflection of God's love for His people.