Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Sing a new song to the Lord! Sing it everywhere around the world! Sing out His praises! Bless His name. Each day tell someone that He saves." Psalms 96:1-2

  I have set a goal for the New Year - a goal I have been wanting to achieve for some time - to record all the compositions I have written on CDs.  I have a source that has willingly agreed to help me at a minimal charge - for which I am soooo grateful.  I started the project this month and I am finding that it will probably take longer than I expected. 

With over 60 songs written - some with lyrics and some not, I am familiar with most but some series of notes are lost in my memory bank.  After all, some were composed when my children were babies - I used to sing some of the tunes to them as I rocked them to sleep.  Precious memories!  Now all three of them have become adults and are in their 30s!  My how "time flies", as the saying goes.

Through the years, I have shared the tunes with fellow Christians at numerous churches - some in Sunday School, others for VBS, others were used as solos or duets during worship. Some are Christmas songs written for a musical. A couple were used for calls to worship.  God has been good. 

 But it seems He is tapping me on the shoulder and telling me - "Get with it servant, it is time to get them out in the world so more will know Me." Following my recent birthday, I realized my life on this earth is limited even if I live to be 100 - unlikely.  I am getting older, how much time God has planned for me to stay here is not known - I must get this done before I leave and am heaven bound.  And I  must have faith that God will lead me to a publisher. 

The featured photo on this blog posting is the actual piano where I have written songs for nearly 40 years.  It is very precious to me. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to put notes together in my head and move my fingers on the ivory and ebony keys, creating glorious melodies. Songs that tell about the love of God, His plan of salvation and teach Biblical principles. 

I am still writing melodies to this day. How do I achieve this? Only through Him Who has graciously given me this gift and so, there is no question - I give Him all the glory and honor for without Him, it would not be possible. Most of the melodies are in my memory bank - some are written down on paper and some on cassette tapes.  Now, my goal is to get them categorized and on CD.

I pray I will stay focused and accomplish it early this year.  Please pray I will be able to do this.

Are their any gifts God has given you to share with others on this earth?  If so, how are you doing with your God-given mission?  Could you use some prayer too?  Let me know:-)

Melodic Blessings To Each of you!