Friday, August 21, 2009

Joy during "one of those days"

I should have known I might be having "one of those days" when the first thing this morning I started having little mishaps.

I walked out the back door to give our dog Shaggy his breakfast, carrying the large popcorn tin with the stubborn lid. He was standing there patiently waiting when the lid suddenly gave way to my determined prodding. Dog food went flying and I lost complete control of the can. Empty by now, it rolled down the steps with a loud bang and then another BANG! I stood there almost in shock. Bits of dogie treats - well lots of bits - landed all over the step. Would you believe not a single piece went in his bowl? The whole scene scared Shag so much that he forgot he was hungry and left. And I had a big mess to clean up. When the neighbor dog showed up, I thought there might be hope! Naught. He walked by, as if to say, "I don't eat food not properly served." Some of the food landed in my pots of orange, yellow and purple mums. I doubt it will make good fertilizer. But, I had to laugh as I swept up the mess. I thought of the verse in Proverbs about how a "joyful heart is good medicine for the soul." And it was.

Later, while I was walking to the mail box, I heard the squirrels scampering about in the large black walnut trees in our yard. Every once in awhile, an outer shell from a nut would fall to the ground, then another and then another. Soon, I felt like I was being bombarded! I looked up and one landed on the front of my shirt. "What is it about animals and their food supply this morning?" I said to myself. On my return trip to the house, I joyfully watched two squirrels play a game of chase - it was hilarious and I had to laugh! God had provided a simple blessing via squirrels.

Back at the farmhouse, I thought I would do my husband a favor and wash his coveralls before harvest, after all he'll be needing them. So I stuffed three pairs in the washer, only to find some rusty substance all over the inside of my washer afterwards - and all over the coveralls as well. What in the world is this stuff I pondered as I wiped down my washer with bleach. My hubby could shed no light on the subject. So,I washed them again. They look better but hang on the line embellished with rust stripes. I'll let him explain it to his fellow farmers.

Speaking of stripes, our gray tabby kitten decided I needed a helping paw when I attempted to start painting the trim on the house after lunch. I know the paint looks like chocolate but it's not. I tried to tell her. Within minutes of her appearance on the step, she had brown stripes on her coat. Thus, I ended up giving her a sponge bath. Although cats aren't too keen on water, she had a positive and willing attitude. I was pleased. But I also decided to delay the painting project and headed for my PC to write!

Now, the question is, should I go on to the next project? My husband has picked sweet corn so I can preserve it for the winter. I planned to do that this evening. But should I? I hesitate as I ponder whether I should sit at the picnic table to shuck it - that's where the squirrels hang out and I am quite sure both kittens will show up to help. Do I really want to be bombed by nuts or have a cat's paw help me remove husks? My office is so inviting right now:-)

I guess the main thing is this; as long as I can keep laughing and feeling joyful I'm good!

My daughter recently gave me a plaque she made. It reads "Enjoy the little things." I have it hanging by my monitor and it seems quite fitting for today. Being able to laugh during "one of those days" is indeed a blessing from God and I thank Him for it! Laughter is good medicine for my soul!

Do you find joy in simple things? Please write and tell me about it! I would love to hear from you.

p.s. By the way, a skit I wrote will be performed this Sunday in church. All the actors are volunteers who answered the call so willingly! It's another one of those doors of grace God has opened along my life's journey.


Linda said...

I have too many of "those days" it seems! I am glad you can smile about it. I find joy in simple things like books, flowers, my dogs and my family. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your's is beautiful - I'll be back!

Terri Tiffany said...

So good to hear about your skit-- I hope it goes well:) And you sound like you really live on a farm! Makes me homesick for my in-law's place.
I do find joy in simple things--like a good book or baking cookies.

Melissa Marsh said...

Mom, I loved this post. Very vivid. I could see everything happening. And I laughed along with you! What a blessed place you live in, surrounded by nature and animals (both wild and domestic).

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great post. Just had a few hours to blog hop tonight and enjoyed reading yours. I am doing a series of posts on holiday decorating, so hope you will stop by.

Carole said...

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog - I think I am going to enjoy this new venture - thanks Melissa for giving me the inspiration:-)