Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting my world green

I am quite content to write today following the adventures I had last week painting the outside trim of our farm house.

Actually, as I continued to paint each day, I was proud of managing the occasional drips from my paint pad! After all, I had successfully kept chocolate brown and sage green paint off of most surfaces including the sidewalk, steps, the white stucco walls, dog and flowers. Now the cat did end up with stripes twice - once brown and another, green - both times she received a nice sponge bath. I think she actually liked her time at the spa but never really understood why she was receiving such lavish treatment.

Now, on the final day of my painting project, my journey took a turn. More like a sharp curve, really. You see, it was a hot day and I could not wait to get finished! I had been trying desperately to reach the eves of the house with the extended ladder my hubby provided. Stretching as far as I could, and nearly on the top rung, I prayed to God to keep me from falling. But I still could not reach the entire trim board at the peak of the roof. "Oh, to be taller", I cried out to the Lord. Finally I swallowed my womanly "I can do anything" pride and asked my hubby to help.

He consented with little reservation - so he climbed on top of the roof and could easily bend over and paint the trim board from there. I was so happy! Yes! I will no longer have to struggle and remain in my dilemma. We worked so well together - as I confirmed from below what spots he had missed and needed to touch up. Soon, he ran out of paint. I reassured him I could bring him some in no time!

Running into the porch where my paint supplies were, I thought about grabbing the whole paint can but had second thoughts. Which was a good decision! I quickly poured the green sage paint in a container and headed out the back door, thinking how great it would be to actually get the trim done that afternoon!

Then it happened.

Carrying the container out the door, I simply tripped. Green sage paint went flying!

It landed all over the back step, hitting the concrete slab below, the black railing, and the white and pink four-o'clocks I had saved from the dog's impulsive digging. And the paint also splattered on my car! That's right, my Ford Taurus that my husband had parked near the step the night before. (So we could easily unload bags of mulch we had purchased for the fall flower beds.)

For a moment - a brief moment - I froze in my tracks. My right hand and arm covered in sticky, gooey paint. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I looked at the whole scene in a state of shock.

Then, I went into bumble bee mode - buzzing here and there! First, I grabbed the garden hose and turned it on full blast! Spraying the step down with water, then the car, my thoughts racing like wild fire. Running in the house, I had to get something but what? For awhile it was if I was running in circles! Think, think! What should I get? I grabbed a can of Comet, a steel brush, some laundry detergent with extra stain fighters,(yeah, that should do it!) and a scrubbing sponge.

Meanwhile, my hubby called from the roof - "What happened? Look at your car! Look at the step! You better get that off your car and it's going to set on that step fast."("Yeah, like I know Lar", I remember thinking.)

It was if a race was on. . . . between the car and the step. I ran back and forth between the two - threw some soap on the car, then sprinkled Comet over every bit of paint I eyed on the step. Then I took a steel brush and scrubbed the cement like my life depended on it, working quicker than I could have ever imagined. To think I had felt almost like taking a nap a few minutes before. - Ha! Now, I had a burst of energy that came out of nowhere within the depths of my being. I rushed over to the car and splashed it with more water, and returned to the setting paint on the cement. It seemed to soak into the porous substance in seconds!

But as I kept working, I gained hope! Things were looking better all the time. Once I had the step under control, I took a sponge to the car and moved faster than a monkey in a peanut factory.

Meanwhile, back on the roof, Lar had not received his paint and was doing the best he could with what he had. "Can you come look at this Carole, did I miss any spots?" "MISS ANY SPOTS!?" I said to myself. "Like, I have enough spots to handle down here honey".

Well, to make a long story short - there was no argument between husband and wife,(Some would call that a miracle.) And the trim was finished - yay! Plus, my quick actions and extra scrubbing power paid off! I was able to get the paint off of everything - even the flowers!

But, when I was tempted to paint the picnic table later that afternoon. I had just started to scrape off the old paint when I thought again. "No, I think I've had enough painting for one day. It can wait for tomorrow."

And once more the truth that Jesus taught comes to mind. "So, do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself, Each day has enough trouble of its own."

And another . . . . . "Joy cometh in the morning."

Finally, like my last post proclaims, "Laughter is like medicine to the soul." Upon reflection, I can laugh about the experience - it actually was quite funny and as one of my friends told me, "like a cartoon".

Have you had any experiences that played out like a cartoon? If so, I would enjoy hearing about them!

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Melissa Marsh said...

Oh Mom, this is such a funny story! I can "see" it all unfold, too. At least the cats didn't get any paint on them this time around!

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I held my breath until the end hoping you would be able to overcome this painting disaster! Then I laughed at the imagined scene. I've been there before and could write a book of "oops"! But laughter does heal so many wounds! And what a story you got to write from it. Sounds like a Chicken Soup story!

Check out my blog tomorrow and the details of the contest will be announced. There will be other contests during the month so "Stay Tuned!"

Look forward to getting to know you better.