Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Sing to the Lord. . . . Who covers the heavens with clouds, Who provides rain for the earth, Who makes grass to grow on the mountains." Psalms 147

Well, I have begun. Again. To plant grass seed in a very stubborn spot in our yard. I call it stubborn because last spring and summer I dug out all the weeds by hand, planted seed, watered, fertilized, pulled more weeds, treated it with herbicide. . . . trying to give the small grass shoots a chance to grow. But, the weeds eventually overtook it.

So, in the fall, I dug up all the weeds again. This time I requested a tiller from my hubby. He agreed and he tilled the soil for me and helped me spread seed. We watered and we waited but the stand was minimal. Turns out that I was the one who is stubborn!

The first time I walked to the spot this spring, I jokingly said to myself, "Here I am again - same spot, same weeds, only next year!" I asked God.,"What are you trying to teach me here? There has to be some lesson in all of this."

Since sod is not an option hubby says, I decided I would get some advice from a lawn expert before I even began. I quit being stubborn and I started to become wise - by asking for help!!!

Surprisingly, he said we had to get a different sprinkler first and foremost - one that is just like a gentle rain. Like God's :-) The walking one we had used is the worst, he said - it spreads too big of droplets on the ground, washing the seed away or disrupting growth. He also advised that I should water three times a day. I admit - I had not done that before and it is a very sunny spot. No herbicide until late summer either, he advised. I probably loaded that area with way to much of the stuff!!! I was determined to get those weeds! And he highly recommended a seed conducive to our area - "Tuff Turf".

So today, I planted a small spot and tomorrow I will continue - we had to remove weeds first though and prepare the soil. If God sends some rain, well, that would be wonderful - I won't have to be dragging hoses and moving the sprinklers around every day.
If only I had asked a professional last year I could have avoided a lot of work, time and money. God gives us helpers along the way - we only need to ask.

As I reflect upon this experience, there are other spiritual insights to gain. These are just a few: (1) Read His Word to gain wisdom on how to live - He's the expert! (2) Let the Son shine His light on every situation- you need spiritual vitamins to stay healthy. (3) You'll have less sin (weeds) to deal with if you let His living water flow through your soul -ask for forgiveness and/or forgive at least three times a day. Or 70 times seven:-) He'll gently wash those sins away and make you clean inside! (4) Ask for His help through prayer - how many times do we do it our way only to find out there was a better way. . . . . if we had only asked, only listened.

Which brings to mind another experience I had this week. While driving home after doing errands in town, I saw a boy - probably around 11 or 12 - walking along the sidewalk and he was quite upset. Every once in awhile he would stop, throw his bike, growling deeply, his face as red as an apple. He would walk a short distance - only to toss his bike a few feet in the air again. His angry expression and growls continued all the while. I thought to myself - I think something must be wrong with his bike and he is really mad that he has to walk home, backpack and all.

A storekeeper stepped outside her shop as she heard the deep growling which sounded more like an animal than a boy. She hurriedly went back inside. I decided to drive around the block to see if I could help. I stopped my car near him in a parking lot, rolled down the window and asked him if he needed help. Perhaps I could load his bike and drive him home. That kind of thing. I was afraid he would hurt himself or someone else. But he only glanced at me and growled louder. And he kept walking.

I asked the Lord, "What should I do?" Light bulb moment. . . . . .This is obviously a situation I am not capable of handling. Someone with experience and knowledge of such a dramatic and unusual response needed to help him and it wasn't me. I prayed for the boy. But that didn't seem enough.

Then I called 911. After giving them the location and what was happening, they said they would take care of it. I was so relieved.

Then I reflected abit . . . . . . . what if I had gotten out of the car and he had reacted in a way that would have hurt both of us or someone else? Or what if he had accepted my ride, only to throw a fit and cause an accident? The "what ifs" just flowed through my mind. I was so glad I listened to the Lord's leading. And thankful that someone who knew what they were doing and how to handle such situations was there to help him.

So, lately, I think the Lord is teaching me a few things. Of course, He will continue to teach me - life is a growth process. I am glad He is with me. My times are in His hands and I rejoice they are!!

Have you had any growing experiences lately?


Melissa Marsh said...

Another great post, Mom! Y'know, I think we need to speak to a lawn expert about our patchy lawn. I think we've been doing it all wrong.

And I also need to look to God more when making decisions in my life, too. :-) Thanks for the reminder!

Terri Tiffany said...

I loved your analogy with the weeds--so often we keep doing things our own way without asking for any help. I'm like that a lot. The Lord is continually teaching me to listen even when I charge out in my own direction.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Carole,
What a wonderful post you have written in here this day!!
I enjoy reading your blog.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world, Carole!!
God keeps blessing you, sweetie!!
In God's Garden,
Poet Starry.